Moot Court Team 2016

Arvid Weber (first from left)

Arvid Weber studies Law at the University of Cologne in his 5th semester. He was born in Recklinghausen and raised in Marl, a medium-sized town in the north of the Ruhr region, where he graduated from the Gymnasium im Loekamp in 2013. Arvid was the elected representative of the pupils for two years; his interest for international relations has been awakened during this time. He is active in politics on site since 2009. Especially, in this context he claims a better dealing with refugees in his home town. Arvid likes discussing: he took part on Jugend und Parlament and Jugendlandtag, simulation games organized from the Bundestag as well as from the Landtag of North Rhine-Westphalia. He is glad to work together in a team in the next months and hopes to have enough time to go into detail of special international law problems. Besides learning more about international law during the Moot Court, Arvid is convinced that the participation in the Moot Court is a unique opportunity to improve his rhetorical skills in English.

Salma Mahdad (second from left)

Salma is a Law student specialized in International Public Law and European Law. She is particularly interested in Migration Law. For this reason she joined the Refugee Law Clinic Cologne where she supports migrants, in particular refugees and asylum seekers by offering free legal and non-legal advice. To strengthen her knowledge in Asylum- and Migrant Law she undertook several trainings and seminars. She participated in a Model United Nations Conference as a member of the Human Rights Council where she discussed topics regarding the current situation of refugees and internally displaced persons. Salma is engaged in intercultural exchange within the University of Cologne. She helped supporting international students with problems within their stay in Germany. She also organized several events and fundraising campaigns in cooperation with the International Office of the University of Cologne. By taking part in the Telders Moot Court she wishes to strengthen her knowledge in International Public Law and to learn how to put it into practice. She also sees her participation as an opportunity to train her debating skills in English. Being raised bilingual in German and Arabic, Salma also speaks English fluently and has basic knowledge in French and Dutch.

Zerrin Karadag (second from right)

Zerrin Karadag (21) studies Law at the University of Cologne. She graduated from the Kopernikus-Gymnasium in Ratingen in 2013. Her attendance at the Herbst Campus in 2012 at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum, where she had the possibility to get impressions of the Law Studies by hearing lectures, meeting lawyers and visiting court hearings, caught her interest in studying law. During her study period she wanted to challenge herself again, as she did a lot in her schooldays when she was part of different consortia and did journalism work for the school magazine, published the graduation magazine in 2013 and also organized honorary school events. The lecture European and International Law confirmed her in her wish to become a member of the next Moot Court. Because due to the fact that she was raised up in two cultures, she learned to live and adapt to different cultures and she experienced cultural and international conflicts. That aroused her interest in learning about International Law and so finding solutions for these problems. As a side-effect of her interest in cultural diversity she learned to speak English fluently and she also speaks Turkish, Spanish and French. Her motivation for taking part in the Moot Court is to get a deeper insight into the work as a lawyer. She already worked as a trainee at the IT NRW in the legal department and also at the office Cornelius Bartenbach Haesemann und Partner. Moreover, her goal is to strengthen her rhetorical skills, which she already did when she took an active part in Poetry Slams.

Jonathan Badstieber (first from right)

Jonathan Badstieber graduated from Maria-Wächtler-Gymnasium in Essen in 2012, where he had attended an English bilingual class. Since he enjoys meeting people from different cultures, he participated in several international projects during his school time. These included a music exchange between the cities of Essen and Pécs in Hungary, a Comenius-theater project with Turkish, French and German students as well as the 11th Youth Summit of the Association for International Education and Exchange (IBB) in France in 2011 on the topic of energy policy with Polish, French and German students. Jonathan started studying law in Munich in winter 2012 and changed to the University of Cologne in 2013, where he completed his intermediate examination in summer 2014. In the following time he spent one semester in France with Erasmus+. Amongst others he attended lectures in European law and global politics and was able to improve his French language skills. His time abroad strengthened his decision to specialize in the field of European and international law in his further studies at the University of Cologne. This semester Jonathan started working as a student assistant at the Institute of Air and Space Law. In his free time he plays basketball in a team. As a participant of the Telders Moot Court Jonathan aspires to broaden his knowledge of international law and to improve his rhetorical skills. He is looking forward to intensively dealing with a case within the context of international law in a team and to finally compete with other law students from all over Europe.