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Academic Staff

Dr. Michael Lysander Fremuth

-On leave through out wintersemester 2017/2018-

Private Lecturer and Academic Senior Director

Pu­blic Law, General State Theory, Eu­ropean Union Law and Pu­blic In­ter­na­tio­nal Law

(Stand-In Professor at the University of Bayreuth for the upcomming winter semester 2017/18)

Publications and Editorial Board

Tel: +49 (0)221 470 2666

Email: mfremuth(at)

Gräfer, Justin Andrew


Tel.: +49 (0)221 470 2988

Email: proteus(at)

Hughes-Gerber, Laura

Public International Law and the Telders Moot Court in Public International Law

Tel.: +49 (0)221 470 6211


Popova, Rada

Weltraumrecht; Projektleitung

Space Law; Project Management

Tel: +49 (0)221 470 4017

Email: rada.popova(at)

Jozi, Matina

LL.B. Cologne/Paris I

Public and Constitutional Law, Preparatory Seminars

Tel.: +49 (0)221 470 2988

EMail: m.jozi(at)

Scott, Benjamyn

Air Law



Scholz, Daniela

Tel.: +49 (0)221 470 2337

Email: sekretariat-hobe(at)


Wiebe, Anna

Email: anna.wiebe(at)

Journal of Air and Space Law

Polley, Isabel Dr.

Tel.: +49 (0)221 470 5275

Email: zlw-redaktion(at)


Wiebe, Anna

Email: zlw-redaktion(at)

Student Assistants