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Team 2018

Ergebnis der Telders Moot Court Competition

An der diesjährigen Telders International Law Moot Court Competition haben insgesamt 23 internationale Teams teilgenommen. Das Kölner Team hat sich in der internationalen Vorrunde gegen den Gastgeber der Universität Leiden (Niederlande), die Nationale Universität Kiew-Mohyla-Akademie (Ukraine), Honourable Society of Inner Temple (England) und die Universität von Lettland (Lettland) durchgesetzt und das Finale im Friedenspalast in Den Haag erreicht.

Im hochspannenden Finale, geleitet von den Richtern James Crawford, Giorgio Gaja und John Dugard, plädierte das Kölner Team als Beklagte gegen das Klägerteam von der Demokrit-Universität Thrakien (Griechenland) und konnte den Wettbewerb am Ende für sich entscheiden. Das Kölner Team wurde darüber hinaus für den besten Beklagtenschriftsatz mit dem Carnegie Preis ausgezeichnet und insbesondere von Judge Crawford für den herausragenden Schriftsatz gelobt.

Wir gratulieren dem Team herzlich zu seinem Sieg!

Telders Moot Court Team 2018

Our curent Telders Moot Court Team for the 2018 competition, from left to right: Antonia Kratz, Frederic Kupsch, Lisa Schöttmer, France Oly

Antonia Kratz (20) was born in Wermelskirchen and graduated from the Städtisches Gymnasium Wermelskirchen in 2014. She currently studies law at the University of Cologne in her 7th semester. Due to her strong interest in international law, she focused on International and European Law as her specialisation. In addition to her general studies, she also completed the CUSL-Program on US-American law which allowed her to gain knowledge of a foreign legal system. Apart from studying law, Antonia works as a student assistant at a law firm in Cologne. Antonia sees the Telders Moot Court as a unique opportunity to work in a team towards a common goal. As a participant, she looks forward to improving her rhetorical skills in English and broadening her knowledge of international law as this is a subject she wants to focus on in her future career.

Frederic Kupsch (22) studies law at the University of Cologne and is in his 6th semester. He was born in Cologne and graduated from Heinrich-Heine-Gymnasium, Cologne in 2014. One year later he received a scholarship from the Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes. He developed his interest in International Law during his studies at Vilnius University, Lithuania in 2017. In Vilnius, Frederic focused mainly on International Law and in particular on International Humanitarian Law. Moreover, he attended courses dealing with the legal framework of NGOs and Human Rights in Europe. Following journeys to Russia, Belarus and the Baltic States, his preference for Eastern European policy and culture was strengthened. Alongside his studies, he was project manager at Talented e.V., a music competition in schools. Currently, he organises children's summer holiday camps with the Protestant church. Frederic sees his participation in the Telders Moot Court as an opportunity to use his knowledge in International Law in practice. Furthermore, he wants to improve his debating skills in English.

Lisa Schöttmer (21) studies law at the University of Cologne and is in her 5th semester. She was born and raised in Gechingen, a small town at the edge of the Black Forest in Baden-Württemberg, and graduated from the Maria von Linden-Gymnasium in 2015. During a high school year abroad in Santa Rosa, California, she participated in several Model United Nations Competitions with her school, where she developed her strong interest in international relations. The lecture on European and International Law during her law studies then further sparked that interest By participating in the Telders Moot Court, Lisa recognises the great challenge and experience to work in a team and develop her rhetorical skills and aspires to extend her knowledge in Public International Law as she plans to focus on international law as her specialisation.

France Oly is nearing completion of a bachelor in legal linguistics with a focus on the European Union at the University of Cologne and is treating herself to some Moot Court fun before changing over to a law studies program. What led her to this decision was her passion for rhetorics (this is where growing up in a multilingual environment comes in handy) and her zest for (public) international law, an interest that probably stems from her inherent curiosity in how States interact on a global level. It is this global level, that calling multiple European countries "home" and getting to know different (transpacific) cultures through travelling light, which perceptively shifted her perspective. And it is on this global level that she believes actual and legal inequalities and environmental challenges can be solved. As the oldest of four siblings, France early on developed a strong sense of justice and notion of ensuring everyone gets their fair share. It was this fundamental impulse that pushed her to engage in various local action committees, such as her High School's Fairtrade committee or the local Amnesty International group, as well as in politics and most recently, to sign up for studying law. She is pursuing her penchant for foreign legal cultures by taking part in the CUSL program. France recognises the Telders Moot court as a unique opportunity to improve her oral skills and meet like-minded students from all over Europe. Most of all, she's looking forward to working closely and with dedication with her team members on a precise issue in public international law as she's convinced that individual commitment to a group effort is what makes a project work.

Our curent Moot Court Team with their Coach, Laura Hughes-Gerber

Team 2017

Winner Team 2017  Telders Moot Court from left to right: Lisa Kujus, Katharina Koch, Hanna Keller, Tobias Meier

Lisa Kujus (21) was born in Munich and graduated from the Irmgardis-Gymnasium Cologne in 2013. She currently studies law at the University of Cologne in her 7th semester and concentrated on International and European Law as her main study. The opportunity to work internationally and with multiple languages has always appealed to her greatly and continues to contribute to Lisa’s desire to pursue a career in International Law.

In addition to her undergraduate studies, Lisa enrolled herself for the Certificate in United States’ Law and spent an Erasmus semester abroad at the Autónoma University of Madrid. Due to that, she was able to gain comprehensive knowledge of foreign legal systems. Lisa also volunteers for the Refugee Law Clinic and works as a student assistant at the Institute of Eastern European Law and Comparative Law.

By participating in the Telders International Law Moot Court 2017, she aspires to expand her knowledge in International Law as well as her rhetorical skills in pleading in front of a Court. Lisa is also looking forward to discuss highly controversial topics alongside her team members which sometimes tends to be neglected during the regular course of law studies.

Katharina Koch (20) studies law at the University of Cologne in her 5th semester. She was born in Cologne and graduated from the Norbert Gymnasium Knechtsteden in 2014. Her decision to study law was formed during her time in school when she participated in an afternoon course in which a practicing state’s prosecutor talked about the basics of the German legal system and accompanied the students to a few trials at court.

A two week student exchange program in England in 2008 was followed by a five month stay in Waitsburg, WA in the United States in 2011. During these visits Katharina developed a strong interest in different cultures and in the English language. She has been able to pursue these interests during her studies at the University in Cologne as she takes part in the CUSL-Program on US American Law. At the end of her second semester, she also started working as a student assistant at the Institute of Tax Law and in the summer of 2016 she had the opportunity to get an insight on the work of practicing lawyers in an internship at a law firm.

Katharina sees the participation in the Telders International Law Moot Court as a unique experience to work in a team with a common objective in mind. She aspires to improve her rhetorical skills and broaden her knowledge of international law.

Hanna Keller (20) studies Law at the University of Cologne in her 5th semester. She graduated from the Auguste-Viktoria-Gymnasium, Trier in 2014, where she took English bilingual classes. As she worked in France after finishing school, she is also fluent in French.

Hanna is passionate about intercultural exchange which is why she volunteered in the student led NGO AIESEC since the beginning of her studies. Being part of the AIESEC executive board in Cologne for one and half years, she was responsible for organizing internships for international students and to take care of their experience in Germany by coordinating a team of 12 people. This semester she started working as a student assistant at the Institute of Air and Space Law at the University of Cologne.

As a participant of the Telder’s Moot Court she aspires to broaden her knowledge in the field of International Law as this is a subject she wants to focus on in her further studies and possible future career. She is looking forward to the intense team work and to strengthen her rhetorical skills in the oral pleadings.

Tobias Meier (27) was born in Stolberg (Rhld.) where he graduated from Ritzefeld Gymnasium. During school he spent a year as an exchange student in Little Rock, Arkansas, USA. After that he went on to study law at the University of Cologne. There he majored in International and European Law.

Apart from studying law Tobias works for Osborne Clarke, an international law firm, as a working student. Working for a law firm with international clients has not only helped Tobias maintain and improve the language skills he acquired during his year abroad, it has also given him the opportunity to gain insights to the job of a counsellor – a role he will be playing as part of this year’s Telders International Law Moot Court.

Tobias has always enjoyed studying international law. This was one of the main reasons why he decided to apply for taking part in Telders International Law Moot Court. But, as a matter of course he cannot wait to work along with his fellow team members in order to make their participation in Telders International Law Moot Court a great success.

Our current team with their Coach Nico Herbst


Team 2016

From left to right: Arvid Weber, Salma Mahdad, Zerrin Karadag, Jonathan Badstieber

Arvid Weber

Arvid Weber studies Law at the University of Cologne in his 5th semester. He was born in Recklinghausen and raised in Marl, a medium-sized town in the north of the Ruhr region, where he graduated from the Gymnasium im Loekamp in 2013. Arvid was the elected representative of the pupils for two years; his interest for international relations has been awakened during this time. He is active in politics on site since 2009. Especially, in this context he claims a better dealing with refugees in his home town. Arvid likes discussing: he took part on Jugend und Parlament and Jugendlandtag, simulation games organized from the Bundestag as well as from the Landtag of North Rhine-Westphalia. He is glad to work together in a team in the next months and hopes to have enough time to go into detail of special international law problems. Besides learning more about international law during the Moot Court, Arvid is convinced that the participation in the Moot Court is a unique opportunity to improve his rhetorical skills in English.

Salma Mahdad

Salma is a Law student specialized in International Public Law and European Law. She is particularly interested in Migration Law. For this reason she joined the Refugee Law Clinic Cologne where she supports migrants, in particular refugees and asylum seekers by offering free legal and non-legal advice. To strengthen her knowledge in Asylum- and Migrant Law she undertook several trainings and seminars. She participated in a Model United Nations Conference as a member of the Human Rights Council where she discussed topics regarding the current situation of refugees and internally displaced persons. Salma is engaged in intercultural exchange within the University of Cologne. She helped supporting international students with problems within their stay in Germany. She also organized several events and fundraising campaigns in cooperation with the International Office of the University of Cologne. By taking part in the Telders Moot Court she wishes to strengthen her knowledge in International Public Law and to learn how to put it into practice. She also sees her participation as an opportunity to train her debating skills in English. Being raised bilingual in German and Arabic, Salma also speaks English fluently and has basic knowledge in French and Dutch.

Zerrin Karadag

Zerrin Karadag (21) studies Law at the University of Cologne. She graduated from the Kopernikus-Gymnasium in Ratingen in 2013. Her attendance at the Herbst Campus in 2012 at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum, where she had the possibility to get impressions of the Law Studies by hearing lectures, meeting lawyers and visiting court hearings, caught her interest in studying law. During her study period she wanted to challenge herself again, as she did a lot in her schooldays when she was part of different consortia and did journalism work for the school magazine, published the graduation magazine in 2013 and also organized honorary school events. The lecture European and International Law confirmed her in her wish to become a member of the next Moot Court. Because due to the fact that she was raised up in two cultures, she learned to live and adapt to different cultures and she experienced cultural and international conflicts. That aroused her interest in learning about International Law and so finding solutions for these problems. As a side-effect of her interest in cultural diversity she learned to speak English fluently and she also speaks Turkish, Spanish and French. Her motivation for taking part in the Moot Court is to get a deeper insight into the work as a lawyer. She already worked as a trainee at the IT NRW in the legal department and also at the office Cornelius Bartenbach Haesemann und Partner. Moreover, her goal is to strengthen her rhetorical skills, which she already did when she took an active part in Poetry Slams.

Jonathan Badstieber

Jonathan Badstieber graduated from Maria-Wächtler-Gymnasium in Essen in 2012, where he had attended an English bilingual class. Since he enjoys meeting people from different cultures, he participated in several international projects during his school time. These included a music exchange between the cities of Essen and Pécs in Hungary, a Comenius-theater project with Turkish, French and German students as well as the 11th Youth Summit of the Association for International Education and Exchange (IBB) in France in 2011 on the topic of energy policy with Polish, French and German students. Jonathan started studying law in Munich in winter 2012 and changed to the University of Cologne in 2013, where he completed his intermediate examination in summer 2014. In the following time he spent one semester in France with Erasmus+. Amongst others he attended lectures in European law and global politics and was able to improve his French language skills. His time abroad strengthened his decision to specialize in the field of European and international law in his further studies at the University of Cologne. This semester Jonathan started working as a student assistant at the Institute of Air and Space Law. In his free time he plays basketball in a team. As a participant of the Telders Moot Court Jonathan aspires to broaden his knowledge of international law and to improve his rhetorical skills. He is looking forward to intensively dealing with a case within the context of international law in a team and to finally compete with other law students from all over Europe.

Team 2015

v.l.n.r.: Natascha Kersting, Tran Quoc Kim Vu, Laura Hughes, Christian Schlemann, 2. Reihe Nico Herbst (Coach)

We congratulate our Team for winning this years Telders International Law Moot Court Competition.

This year's case, "The Faranian Shark-Finning Dispute", involved a variety of legal issues of public international law, including piracy, the legal status of unmanned aerial vehicles, treaty interpretation, scientific research fishing programs, as well as the acceptance of NGO's as amicus curiae in front of the ICJ.

The final round was pleaded by the University of Cologne as Applicant and the Democritus University of Thrace, Greece in the Academy Hall of the Peace Palace in The Hague in front of Judge Peter Tomka (ICJ), Judge Xue Hanqin (ICJ) and Judge Giorgio Gaja (ICJ)

In addition, with a total of 24 teams participating, the University of Cologne also won the award for the best oral argumentation on behalf of the applicant. Congratulations to the winning team!