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Annotated link list

General Information , the EUROPA-Server and official EU-Homepage with links and official information on EU institutions and documents, the SCADPlus-Glossary, a detailed glossary and easy introduction to all policy areas of the EU., Publisher of the EC, the site with links to all official publications of the EU institutions.


EU Institutions , homepage of the European Commission (COM) with links to different DGs, overview over structures and activities and access to documents., overview of worldwide COM representations and delegations with own sites., 'more Europe' is an info-site in German by the European COM and European Parliament on the Eastern Enlargement., the Council of the EU offers links and information concerning protocols, press releases, timetable previsions of Council of Ministers, COREPER and Committee meetings, as well as access to the High Representative for CFSP., the European Parliament (EP) offers a wide range of documents, and further informations on the activities of its members, e.g. information about legal acts with EP involvement, press statements and the online journal 'Europa-Forum'. The site offers also the possibility to create a personal desktop! Additional country-specific information can be found at the different member-state information offices, e.g., the official website of the European Ombudsman with links to activities, corresponding national agencies and possibilities for petitions and complaints., the European Court of Justice website offers all verdicts since 1953 (in all official languages) and current press releases. , the European Court of Auditors in a clear and easily accessible overview with reports, opinion papers and other helpful documents as e.g. the annual reports and the multilingual bibliography., on the official site of the Committee of the Regions you can find a short description of the institution, an overview over its activities, opinions and press releases, which can also be subscribed for free via mail. , the European Economic and Social Committee site uses either English or French as operative languages but provides most documents in all official Union languages. It provides an overview over the functions and structure of the institution, its plenary reports and all opinions of the ESC as well as a newsletter. , the European Central Bank with a range of information on the bank and the Euro, primarily in English. Of academic interest are also the working papers and the access to the archives of the bank., the site of the European Investment Bank provides general information about structure, projects and aims of the institution as well as recent press releases and publications., the EUROPOL site at a glance, publications and info. , offers an overview on all autonomous agancies of the Community.


The political Future of Europe , the latest developments of the European Union institutional reforms.


The Future of Europe Debate in academia The site of the federal Trust for Education and Research a platform on the EU Constitution project and more insight and documents on the current debate, with a particular focus also on the impact of the Future of Europe debate in GB. , the Robert Schuman Centre for constitutional reform offers also a selection of Policy Papers on that topic as e-versions online., German site on the current political debate with a wide range of references and documents of the German IEP, Berlin., the Jean Monnet Centre of Prof. Weiler (Harvard) also offers a wide range of research papers and reviews.


Media sites on EU affairs , a very useful information forum on news and current topics on EU issues in general. The forum on the future of the EU also provides a collection of academic and political contributions to the Future of Europe debate. , the EU Observer is a multinational online paper on European Affaires in a very wide sense. The site offers thematical areas, also on the Future of Europe debate for example, and good search options. Originally the EU-Observer was initiated by a circle of Danish EU- skeptics.